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Did I Really Miss The Draft?

I guess it doesn't really matter, I was all wrong about my picks anyway.   But I love the Draft, it's that half-way point between Super Bowl and training camp; the one time of the off-season football jumps back to being the top story on the sports segment of the local news.  It helps ease the withdrawal pains a bit.  

But I got sick and the Draft was simply a fuzzy TV picture in the background and I kept having to ask R who the Browns and Packers took because I couldn't remember.  AJ to Green Bay was the only one that registered and stuck.  So now I'm playing catch-up on a Draft that turned out nothing like what we all thought it would.

Points of Major Confusion:  

Why did the Browns trade the pick with Baltimore?

How did Vince Young get taken before Matt Leinart?

How does a guy like Jai Lewis get drafted in the NFL from a school like George Mason having never played a day of college football?  Hell, somebody draft ME!  Guys like Antonio Gates are a needle in a haystack to find, I just don't think it's a safe approach to drafting players.  WTF?  

Help!  Make it make sense, Browns fans!  It's been a long, medicated week....