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Browns' Offensive Line Getting it Together

One of the most important qualities of a football team is for an offensive line to have solid chemistry. This year, the Browns have added center LeCharles Bentley and guard Kevin Shaffer to the starting lineup, replacing Jeff Faine and L.J. Shelton, respectively. There is a nice article over at, reporting on how well the new additions to the team's offensive line are performing so far.

"It's going great," Shaffer said. "The biggest thing is getting to know the person next to you and what he's going to do in certain situations. With the (offseason workouts), being next to that person, you get to know them. Me and Joe are real cool. It's going very well. I know what he's going to do on certain plays. He knows what I'm going to do. If I see something, I'm going to alert him.

"It's all a process. It takes time and sometimes you might go a couple years before you totally know everything, but we're way ahead right now."
- Jeff Walcoff, Staff Writer of Cleveland Browns

It's definitely a plus to hear that our offensive line is gelling, and training camp isn't even here yet. Right now, there doesn't seem to be a legitimate hole at our offensive line, but I am a little concerned about our depth. We do have some young guys with potential, but do we have someone we can truly rely on to stick in their if someone leaves the game for a quarter or two?