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I Can't Believe We Let Verba Go!

Breaking news everyone! The third best guard in the NFL is finally off the market, after a one-year hiatus. That's right, the Detroit Lions have signed Ross Verba to a one-year deal. Looking at our current offensive line, I'd say Verba would almost definitely be a backup on our team if he were still on our roster. He was so full of himself. has their new power rankings online, and the Browns are ranked 22nd. Here's what they had to say about the Browns:

22. BROWNS 6-10
The offensive line additions help, but Charlie Frye still has a lot to learn, Braylon Edwards will miss a good chunk of the year, and the defense isn't quite ready for prime time. They can't really be thinking of Daylon McCutcheon over Leigh Bodden, can they?

On another interesting note, Phil Savage has stated that he would like to see Lee Suggs fill the role still of being the change of pace third-down type of back. Of course, Reuben Droughns would still be the go-to-guy, despite his "controversy". Here's some more on the article: Savage on Beating the Steelers.