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Frisman Jackson Emerges as Third WR

According to Steve Doerschuk of the Sporting News, Frisman Jackson is currently the No. 3 receiver after minicamp, with Joe Jurevicius and Dennis Northcutt ahead of him. I've seen people at the Browns' message board doubting it'll stay that way, but it very well could (until Braylon Edwards comes back, of course).

Although Jackson has never really gotten a "shot" to play so to say, the other main receivers we have are Josh Cribbs, Brandon Rideau, and Travis Wilson. Wilson is a rookie, and he'll have to really show something impressive to be the third man to begin the season. Cribbs and Rideau hardly have any experience in actual NFL games at the position, and Romeo Crennel often seemed to "slow-play" people who were new to the position into the lineup.

If Jackson is not the third or fourth receiver to start the season though, is it time to give up on the man? He always goes out and plays hard in my opinion, but it seems like every single season we don't utilize him enough, and if he's never going to get the proper shot to play, why keep him? I'd rather see someone like Wilson get his playing time if that's the case, because Wilson will probably be playing more than Jackson will for the Browns in the long run.