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Dawgs by Nature Positional Review

In this morning's Cleveland Plain Dealer, Tony Grossi has a position-by-position analysis regarding the Browns thus far. Here is a recap, as well as my own thoughts(Which will be in orange), on the positions.

  • Quarterbacks: Frye looked very impressive in minicamp. Although his "mentor" in Trent Dilfer is gone, Frye seems to be better off without him already. As a backup, Dorsey doesn't have experience coming into a game off the bench and winning when the starter goes down.
    I don't think anyone's sad to see Dilfer go. He served his purpose, and then wanted to be a crybaby once Frye got his opportunity. However, I am concerned with Dorsey as the backup. Testaverde would make me feel more comfortable, but I doubt he'd be willing to come to the Browns again.

  • Running Backs: Everyone is hoping that the league does not punish Droughns for his off-the-field incidents. Droughns will definitely remain the starter, and the real competition here is between Lee Suggs and Jerome Harrison as the third-down back.
    Suggs...Suggs...Suggs! Most of the Cleveland fans are big fans of Suggs, but the darn guy just can't seem to stay healthy. I still have to get a closer look at Harrison in training camp and the preseason before I can comment on him, but I wonder if William Green has any chance of surprising everyone and being productive.

  • Receivers: Realistically, it appears that Braylon Edwards will not be ready to play until Week 7 against the Denver Broncos. That means that Frisman Jackson, Brandon Rideau, Josh Cribbs, or Travis Wilson will have to step up and become the third receiver.
    To begin the season, I'm banking on Joe Jurevicius and Dennis Northcutt to start. If Northcutt doesn't start, he will be the third receiver. Between the four receivers mentioned above, I'd have to believe that it's Jackson's spot to lose. If anyone challenges him, it'll probably be Wilson, assuming he shows promising signs in training camp. Wilson could always turn out to be a surprise, which we can only hope for.

  • Tight Ends: Instead of having three receivers and one tight end on the field at once, the Browns will experiment with two receivers and two tight ends. Kellen Winslow may also see some time at the receiver position.
    Remember, Steve Heiden has starting experience at the tight end position from the past few years and has shown that he can have some pretty decent games. If Winslow and Heiden are both on the field, Winslow will draw double teams, creating even more opportunities for Heiden than he's seen the past few seasons.

  • Offensive Linemen: Not a whole lot of news here, except that LeCharles Bentley and Kevin Shaffer have to form solid chemistry with the other three linemen.
    When you have a monster like Bentley added to your line, it'll only make things easier on the other four linemen.

  • Defensive Linemen: Without question, the Browns needed a veteran presence with the capabilities of Ted Washington at the nose tackle position. Due to his age and the value or Orpheous Roye though, it is unlikely that either man will see a lot of playing time in the preseason.
    I definitely agree. We all know that Roye is one of our best players on defense, and Washington can play fine(he only had 18 years of experience). In the preseason, we'll be able to give guys like Ethan Kelley and Baba Oshinowo some much-needed experience.

  • Linebackers: At the moment, this is the most interesting position battle on the Browns. Our top two picks - Kamerion Wimbley and D'Qwell Jackson - could win starting jobs if they learn the system quickly. At the moment though, it seems like Wimbley will start the season as a pass rusher on passing downs. Jackson, on the other hand, is trying to overtake Chaun Thompson, who is also trying to learn the inside linebacker position.
    I would like to see both players start, with Thompson as the "fifth" linebacker. How many times have we seen other teams produce outstanding rookie linebackers that were selected in the second round the past few seasons? Unfortunately, if we don't give them enough playing time, we won't have the chance to develop those type of players in their first season.

  • Secondary: At the cornerback position, you have to be very pleased with where the Browns stand. Gary Baxter will be coming back healthy, and Leigh Bodden will be battling Daylon McCutcheon for the other starting job. Meanwhile, Sean Jones is battling Brodney Pool for a safety position.
    I don't mind which cornerback starts, but I'd give the edge to Bodden. At the safety position, I think Pool is going to pull it off and win the job, but Jones will still see a lot of playing time. The secondary is the team's deepest position on defense in my opinion.

What are your comments on the position battles we'll be discussing in the coming weeks? And one more note, I do not think the Browns will select linebacker Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft, unless he falls ridiculously low(which he won't).