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Browns' Quarterbacks Rank Last?

In yesterday's Cleveland Plain Dealer, columnist Roger Brown reported on the Browns QB rankings according to ESPN.

Earlier this week, ESPN NFL analysts Sean Salisbury, Mark Schlereth and Mike Golic were asked as a panel to rank all 32 quarterback units. They ranked the Browns' trio of Charlie Frye (starter), Ken Dorsey (backup) and Derek Anderson (third string) in dead-last 32nd.

Salisbury, a former quarterback, says while he considers Frye a much better starter than Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers (who ranked 31st), the Browns rank last because 49ers second-stringer Trent Dilfer is a superior backup to Dorsey. Dilfer and Dorsey were swapped for each other in an off-season trade. "I do think Frye has some special qualities," Salisbury says. "But when you judge the Browns quarterbacks as a whole, they're clearly [32nd]."

Still, Salisbury says, if Cleveland does sign Testaverde, it'll immediately improve its No. 32 spot. "Vinny can still give you some good games," Salisbury says.

Do I agree? Well, overall, I still consider the Bills to have a pretty bad overall group, since Craig Nall is competing for the starting job. For the Browns though, Frye is still unproven technically, and our backups haven't made a name for themselves yet. Basically, until the season starts, it's difficult to counter the fact that our group of quarterbacks isn't that good. Besides quarterbacks, ESPN ranked the Browns 24th on the rushing attack, 21st in receiving, 19th on rush defense, and 23rd on pass defense.

Also, Brown reported that CBS would be doing live training camp updates during their 4 to 6 P.M. news telecasts. I'm happy that they're at least doing something again, but I was disappointed by last years coverage. Rather than seeing actual plays, I saw interviews with fans and sportscasters. I guess it's time to just visit Berea more often.