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Can We Please Get Some Picks Signed?

Jeff Walcott over at has a report online regarding the state of the Browns' inside linebackers. He states that Andra Davis and Chaun Thompson are the probable starters, but here is a summary of his comments regarding the possible backups/contenders:

  1. D'Qwell Jackson: He has experience at the position from college, and has the strongest chance to oust one of the starters(Thompson).
  2. Leon Williams: Could turn out to be an underrated player coming out of the draft, but lacks the game experience of Jackson.
  3. Mason Unck: Mr. Unck is starting to become a veteran, and a leader on special teams. Due to his years of experience as a backup at the position, he could challenge for some more playing time.
  4. Clifton Smith: He spent the final ten weeks of the 2005 season on the Browns practice squad, and the fact that he's still around means that the coaches liked something they saw.

Not much of an update, but as die-hard fans, we'll find anything and pick at it until it's dry. Hopefully we see some more news developments in the coming days, possibly some of our draft picks signing contracts?