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Browns Ditch CBS for Idiotic Story

Last year, Channel 19 promised to cover the Browns better than any network ever has. The hype was promising, but in the first-year of their three-year deal, it was fairly disappointing. After CBS aired a 911 tape from the sister of owner Randy Lerner, the Browns organization had enough and terminated their contract with WOIO, also known as Channel 19, or 19 Action News. It serves them right for being so stupid as to air the call, especially when they are privileged to be carrying one of the most coveted partnerships a network can have. Idiots.

Now, the Browns must find a new partner before the preseason starts. If they choose a cable partner, do not fear Browns fans; the exhibition games will still be shown on free television.

In other news, the Orange and Brown Report interviewed former Browns player Michael Dean Perry. In the interview, Perry discusses his personal life, his past with the Browns, and how it felt to play in the NFL in general. In case you haven't made the connection, Perry was the little brother of William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

And, on a final note, former Browns linebacker Galen Fiss passed away Monday Night. He played ten years with the Browns.