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Lace 'em Up: Wimbley, Jackson, Williams, Harrison, Sowells All Signed

If you're wondering why Dawgs By Nature hasn't been updated the past few days, especially after we signed the core of our draft picks, it's due to the fact that I was purchasing/setting up a new computer. Everything is good to go now, so here is a summary of what the Browns did:

  1. Wimbley Signing: You have to be very pleased with the Browns management that the Wimbley signing was made so quickly compared to the past few years. On top of that, Wimbley was basically the first pick from round one to sign with their respective team. You could include Mario Williams if you want, but basically all of the first overall picks sign before the draft even happens.

    Wimbley's deal is six years and is worth $23.7 million. He will also make $9.3 million in guaranteed money. To begin the season, Wimbley will probably be a pass-rusher during passing downs. By mid-season, Wimbley is expected to be a full-time starter.

  2. Other Signings: Right after the Wimbley signing, the Browns went ahead and signed D'Qwell Jackson, Leon Williams, Isaac Sowells, and Jerome Harrison. Jackson has the best chance to win a starting job out of all our draft picks, as he'll be competing with Chaun Thompson for the other inside linebacker spot.

    Williams will compete to become a primary backup linebacker this year, as will Sowells on the offense line. Harrison will try to make an impression as a possible third-down back to replace Droughns, but he has a lot of competition in his way.

  3. Wilson Unsigned: Right now, Travis Wilson is the only pick the Browns have not signed. I really hope that we can get him in here, because we need to find a solid second/third receiver until Braylon Edwards returns.
Training camp is just TWO days away! Of course, rookies reported to camp yesterday for some basic instructions, so we'll report on any updates regarding that situation when details arrive.