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Training Camp Report: Day 2 - Bentley Aside

-Day 2 of training camp is officially over. Stay tuned for tomorrow's coverage when we'll give some information on who could replace LeCharles Bentley, as well as Day 3 of our training camp coverage.

  1. Bentley Replacement: Right now for all intended purposes, Bob Hallen is out starting center. He didn't look too bad, but we still have to hope is that we are strong in other areas to compensate for the loss of Bentley.
  2. Poor Dorsey: If anyone has looked overly bad the past two days, it's Ken Dorsey. He continues to throw wobbly passes that don't get anyone excited. However, Brent Little made a circle-around catch to get to one of Dorsey's poorly thrown balls.
  3. Receivers: Brandon Rideau made a few good catches. Josh Cribbs also looks comfortable, but Winslow is still the talk of the group. Please, let this man remain injury free. Dennis Northcutt made Leigh Bodden lose his footing twice in receiving drills, while Kellen Winslow schooled rookie Kamerion Wimbley. Joe Jurevicius is the best receiver on our team at using his body against a defensive player.
  4. Suggs Again?: Running back Lee Suggs was being tended to by a trainer. All he needed was some tape on a leg, but Suggs is on a short leash when it comes to his injuries, unfortunately.

Well, we can't dwell on the Bentley injury forever. Any news today regarding Bentley's injury will be posted and updated in the story below this one. Now, it's time to pull out the positives from today's training camp and see how the players peformed. Day 2 will be broken down into a morning session, and then with an evening session update later today.

  1. Suggs Impressive: For the second day in a row, Lee Suggs was impressive. He stood out among the running backs, although rookie Jerome Harrison didn't look too bad either. Let's not forget though: Suggs looked great last year, only to suffer another injury.
  2. -Special Teams: Dennis Northcutt and Gary Baxter performed a drill where they start with a football in their hand. Then, right before a punted football comes to them, they'd toss the ball in the air, and catch the punted ball. Then, they'd have to catch the ball they tossed as well. Northcutt did fine at the drill, but Baxter struggled with the drill early on. Phil Dawson looked very sharp in his kicking drills. He nailed field goals all the way from the sideline in a unique-looking drill.
  3. Receivers: Braylon Edwards looked sharp again. Most people find it hard to believe he's still in recovery with the way he has looked. For the second straight session, it seemed as if Kellen Winslow was the focal point of the offense, and was absolutely on fire.
Morning Photos: | Winslow Catching | Jurevicius Autograph | McGinest Walking | Bentley Injury | Frye Under Center | Special Teams | Northcutt Catch | Frye Throwing | Wimbley Blocking

Stay tuned to Dawgs By Nature for training camp updates all month long!

Note: Photo credits go to Mark Duncan of the AP.