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Training Camp Report: Day 6 - Jurevicius Out

Time for some notes on the evening session of today's training camp:


  1. Evening scuffle: Rookie free agent Rob Smith tried to get tough by taking a swing at the head of Alvin McKinley. Smith took the swing with McKinley's helmet, which had popped off.
  2. Jurevicius Out: Once again, receiver Joe Jurevicius did not participate due to back spasms.
  3. That's It?: If more information comes in, we'll report on it. However, with it being so darned hot, would you really feel like typing training camp notes in this heat? Especially with tomorrow's temperature...eek.

(Last Updated: 6:31 PM) Well, today has to be one of the hottest days of the year, and it'll only get worse on Tuesday, when it could very well be 98 degrees. But, today is Monday, and our beloved Browns were scheduled for two sessions of practice today. How did they do in the morning session? Here are some notes from this morning's practice:

  1. Injury Updates: Four notable people sat out of this morning's practice. Obviously, one of them was Ryan Tucker, who is still debating whether or not to have knee surgery. Cornerback Daylon McCutcheon was also held out again due to a swollen knee. He is day-to-day. Receiver Joe Jurevicius did not participate in the morning due to back spasms. Some speculate that his spasms could be a result of his "battle" with Chaun Thompson yesterday. Finally, Braylon Edwards was given the morning off to rest.
  2. Deep Ball: It's beginning to become pitch and catch for Charlie Frye and Dennis Northcutt. For yet another practice, the two hooked up on a deep ball, where Northcutt once again beat cornerback Pete Hunter. Receiver Josh Cribbs also burned Hunter again. Give credit to our receivers, but Hunter shouldn't make the team if that keeps happening to him.
  3. Derek Anderson: Backup quarterback Ken Dorsey continues to throw the ball poorly, and people believe that Derek Anderson has a legitimate chance at becoming the No. 2 quarterback. The only issue with Anderson so far is that he has had problems fumbling the football. On the other hand, Dorsey was picked off by linebacker Clifton Smith.
  4. Goal Line Woes: On four goal line attempts, the defense stopped the offense from getting into the end zone every time. I'm not sure if I should commend the defense, or ridicule the offense. I believe Derek Anderson was quarterbacking during the drill.
  5. Babatunde's Role: For whatever reason, Babatunde Oshinowo was fielding punts today. Just imagine a guy his size trying to be a punt returner, and take a guess at how well it went.
  6. Phil Dawg: Our favorite kicker, Phil Dawson, executed a squib kick perfectly today. The kick return team could not field it cleanly.
  7. Rookies: So far, linebacker Leon Williams looks like a solid backup. He only needs to work on his pass-defense a little bit. Offensive lineman Isaac Sowells looked strong on running plays, but needs to work on technique when pass blocking.

We'll be back with more training camp coverage soon.

Photos credited to LeHooper. Click here for more of his photos.