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If Cleveland Clinic Wasn't World's Best Hospital, You'd Swear The Browns Kept It In Business....


Ryan Tucker and Daylon McCutcheon will each have arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday in hopes of being healthy enough to play when the Browns open the regular season Sept. 10 against the Saints.

Browns coach Romeo Crennel said both veterans have some loose cartilage that will be repaired.

"It's usually 3-4 weeks (recovery time) on those scopes, and then we'll move on," Crennel said.


"It gives some younger people more opportunities," Crennel said. "Nat Dorsey and Jon Dunn will get more reps than they would (at right tackle) if Tucker was here.

"Same thing in the defensive backfield - (Daven) Holly will get more reps. Antonio Perkins will get more reps."
By Zac Jackson, Staff Writer

Bloody hell!

Boss Crennel, ever the optimist these days, sends two more to visit the good doctor with the vacuum-hose Tuesday in hopes that they will be ready for the opener against the Saints.  Just so happens they are our starting right tackle and our best CB.  

Better to get it taken care of now than lose these guys halfway through the season from injury.  The Boss says "we'll move on" so I'm  going with that....