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Browns Running Back Ranking Seems Fair

A one week break from posting, and guess what? Nothing happened regarding the Browns, except for the signing of CB Chris Thompson of the Chicago Bears off waivers. Thompson has been known for his special teams abilities, and players that come from the Bears are usually defensively sound players.

Here is a recap of news from this morning's Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Pro Football Critics:

  1. Tony Grossi was asked why Chaun Thompson would be moved to inside linebacker, when we could be trying out someone like rookies D'Qwell Jackson and Leon Williams there instead. Surely, Thompson would be better on the outside, where Matt Stewart could be replaced? Grossi responded that Romeo Crennel wants his players to be versatile, which is exactly how I feel. How is it that the Patriots can have Troy Brown play so well at defensive back, while other teams struggle to find depth? Sometimes, it's all about how you teach the position.
  2. Grossi was asked if Dave Zastudil would have a chance to do kickoffs instead of Phil Dawson this year. Grossi believes that Dawson will resume that duty, and I hope he does. The belief that Dawson is not good enough on kickoffs is one of the most over-exaggerated things among Browns fans - it's not a problem.
  3. Roger Brown mentioned that eyebrows were raised after ESPN rated the Browns running back group at number 24 in the league. However, how can you raise eyebrows over that ranking? Without question, the Lions and the 49ers are the bottom two. Last year and heading into this year, the Panthers, Eagles, Jets, Texans, Titans, Cardinals, Ravens, and Vikings had questionable systems due to constant injuries or poor offensive lines. Considering that, the Browns earned a very fair, if not slightly low ranking. If we establish a legitimate third-down back between Lee Suggs, William Green, and Jerome Harrison, in addition with our upgraded offensive line, the Browns should deem a ranking of closer to 18.
  4. Brown also stated that one of the biggest games of the season will be against the Broncos at home on October 22nd, and I definitely agree. Granted, I'm an optimist, but at the same time, that should be a very tough game - Denver became an elite team in the AFC last year. I just hope that we aren't embarrassed, because even if Gerard Warren doesn't make a single tackle the entire game, I guarantee you that he'll open his mouth about something.
  5. As of June 27th, I had the Browns ranked 21st on the PFC Power Rankings. In the Top 50 Wide Receiver Rankings, Joe Jurevicius was ranked 25th, while Braylon Edwards was ranked 32nd. And last, Reuben Droughns was ranked number 12 in PFC's Running Back Rankings.

Training camp is just a few weeks away, and that's when Dawgs By Nature will not only have an update per day, but multiple updates per day.