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Training Camp Report: Day 7 - Surviving the Heat

It's been hot the past couple of day. I don't mean just hot, I mean really hot. In fact, in today's training camp session, the Browns felt the effects of it. Let's take a look at today's training camp notes.


  1. Heat's Damage: Thought the Browns would end practice early? They ended practice 15 minutes late. Defensive end Andrew Hoffman was taken into the locker room after feeling woozy from the heat. He took a shower to cool down. Rookie Kamerion Wimbley stated that he felt like he was back in Florida. However, head coach Romeo Crennel knows that the heat factor will help the players deal with conditioning, particularly when games are in the fourth quarter. Don't worry though, the trainers didn't punish the players or anything - they got all the water they needed.
  2. Phil Dawg: Kicker Phil Dawson cracked a joke, saying that if you add 12 degrees to today's temperature, it'd feel like Texas. This was nothing for good old Dawson, although I'm sure he's not running nearly as much as some of those offensive and defensive players.
  3. Perkins Improving: Second-year cornerback Antonio Perkins continues to improve in camp after another interception. He could lock up the fourth cornerback job if he keeps it up.
  4. Dorsey Plummeting: Honestly, if Ken Dorsey is named our primary backup, we're 100% screwed if Frye goes down. He kept getting picked and intercepted all day. Antonio Perkins and Sean Jones picked him off, while Brodney Pool knocked a pass down.
  5. Redzone Success: Tight end Kellen Winslow continues to impress, beating Sean Jones for a touchdown pass from Charlie Frye after making a diving catch.

Obviously that really didn't discuss player performances today, but hey, news is news. If anything else comes in, this post will be updated. Also, just to note, Ryan Tucker and Daylon McCutcheon had successful surgeries. A-men.

Photo credited to Mark Duncan of the AP.