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Cleveland Browns vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Official Game Thread

Cleveland Browns vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Game: Cleveland Browns vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Where: Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)
When: 7:30 PM EST (Browns Pre-game for Cleveland viewers is at 7:00 PM)
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Here are some special pre-game notes:
  • Eagles' Experience: The Eagles already have one preseason game under their belts. That could prove to be more experience, or less rest for some of their starters.
  • No mistakes: The Eagles made too many mistakes with their second- and third-string offenses the other day. That will be their primary focus in the game against the Browns - cutting down on mistakes.
  • No Run Test: The Eagles will be without Brian Westbrook, Ryan Moats, and Bruce Perry today - all of whom are running backs. The Browns defense definitely has the upper hand heading into the game against the run defense, due to all of the Eagles' injuries.
  • Main Position Battles: Inside linebackers, Backup Running backs, Safety, Backup Cornerbacks
  • No McGinest: Linebacker Willie McGinest will not play today either. Nothing wrong with him, just the coaches decision.
  • Suggs/Green Showcase: There are rumors that the Browns will trade either Lee Suggs or William Green to the Eagles for center Hank Fraley. Green is the stronger person in the rumor, so you have to wonder if we will see a little less of Jerome Harrison today.
Discuss the game by commenting a reply to this post! Go BROWNS! No injuries, please.