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Training Camp Report: Day 13 - More Injuries

Just a quick update today, as I've been a little busy. As I'm sure all of you are aware, there were a couple of events that occurred with the Browns in recent days besides the preseason game. Here are today's training camp notes, as well as other general news:

  1. Big Play Winslow: We didn't see it against the Eagles, but Winslow made a nice 20-yard catch on a corner route for a touchdown.
  2. Hunter Punished: Based on today's camp, it looks like Daven Holley has been promoted to the fourth cornerback position, meaning he will probably start opposite of Leigh Bodden for the remainder of the preseason. After Pete Hunter got burned twice, this is the move that needed to be made. Don't forget about Antonio Perkins though, who was getting more playing time today as well, and could also start for Baxter.
  3. Receiver Battle: Once again, Braylon Edwards practiced but was limited at the same time. Dennis Northcutt and Josh Cribbs both caught the ball well in practice, leaving a question mark next to Frisman Jackson's name once again. Joe Jurevicius made a nice sliding catch down the field in the end zone.
  4. The Ghost: The more success that Jerome Harrison has, the more closer we'll be to trading Lee Suggs or William Green. Harrison ran some drills with the first team today, including a nice screen play.
  5. No Redemption: If Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson want to improve, they better start producing in practice. Don't be surprised if we give Darrell Hackney some snaps against the Detroit Lions if they keep up their poor performances. Charlie Frye was a little off today in practice, which comes as a surprise considering how well he has been doing. Lang Campbell wasn't that great either, meaning all of our quarterbacks were pretty much poor today.
  6. Hallen's Retirement: What a disappointment. I guess the only reason he signed with us in the first place was to collect a paycheck in limited backup duty. As soon as he was given the workload of starting, he didn't want to deal with it. The Browns made it clear that there were no signs of back problems regarding Hallen, and I'm glad they aired their frustrations regarding the center. At least Hallen returned his signing bonus in full to us, but that can't make up the void we have at center. Today, Ross Tucker split time with Alonzo Ephraim in practice, and will do the same against Detroit.
  7. Baxter's Injury: So much for "I'll be out there next week". I'm sick of our impact players getting injured. It will be a huge disappointment if Ryan Tucker, Daylon McCutcheon, and Gary Baxter aren't back and ready to play by Week 1. Also, Willie McGinest did not practice in camp today, but Chaun Thompson did. Maybe McGinest does have some form of an injury? However, Romeo Crennel said he was excused for personal reasons. While McGinest was out, David McMillan made the most of his playing time again in practice, slapping a ball out of Frye's hand. Crennel stated that Kamerion Wimbley or McMillian would start for McGinest against the Lions.
Tomorrow, there will be a special report for those of you that enjoy fantasy football. The report will outline which Cleveland Browns players will benefit you on your fantasy team, and whether certain people are worth drafting.