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Training Camp Report: Day 14 - Defense Punished

Well, my fantasy report on the Browns is finished, but I'm going to post it tomorrow since this is already the second post I've made today. I need to save a little something for tomorrow. Now, moving on, the Browns had another session of training camp today while the Indians were blowing out the Royals 13-0. Let's take a look at what are Brownies did:

  1. Shining Linebacker: He seemed to come out of no where agains the Philadelphia Eagles, and David McMillian has followed it up with his second consecutive solid effort in camp. He was sharp coming off the edge once again. You can tell that some of our younger offensive lineman are tentative when they see him at the line of scrimmage, in fear that he's going to blow by them. Kamerion Wimbley deserves equal credit though, as he's looked just as hungry as McMillian. It's a shame that neither of these guys will be starting, but that just means we won't miss a beat when Willie McGinest or Matt Stewart need a breather.
  2. Getting Physical: Just by looking at Braylon Edwards on the field, you can tell he wants to get physical again. He initiated small contact in drills today, driving his shoulder into players somewhat after making catches down near the goal line. It was Edwards first session of camp in pads.
  3. Thumbs Down: So, how did our centers look today? Ross Tucker and Alonozo Ephraim pretty much looked the same - in a bad way. Tucker got beaten by Babatunde Oshinowo fairly bad today. Hopefully, Tucker just needs to settle in with the offense, but as far as today went, Ephraim had the slight advantage.
  4. Bye Bye Rideau?: As the receiver's saga continues, Brandon Rideau just isn't getting the job done. Kendrick Mosley has a legitimate chance at making the practice squad though, as I mentioned in my previous post about my 53-man roster. Josh Cribbs must be involved in our offense - day after day, he simply catches the football. What more could you want?
  5. Punish the D: Romeo Crennel punished the defense in the morning for having 10 players on the field. The defense had to run laps around the field. On a bright note, Leigh Bodden recorded an interceptions in the morning and broke up two other passes, as Derek Anderson continues to look stiff as a quarterback.
  6. Green's Fight: All I want from William Green is for him to look like a running back and find a hole when he touches the football. Instead, he's throwing a punch as Simon Fraser after Fraser gave his leg a little extra twist after a run play. Way to go Green.
  7. New Cornerback: Although Antonio Perkins and Daven Holley have the best chance at replacing Gary Baxter in the preseason, Ralph Brown got his chance to work with the first team today. Brown, a seven-year veteran, was signed last week.
  8. Rest/Injuries: Linebacker Chaun Thompson was idle, and Willie McGinest was still tending to a family matter. Ted Washington got the afternoon off to rest.
Photo credited to LeHooper. For more of today's pictures, click here.