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Take it Back: Suggs FAILS Physical!

Guess what everyone? At least for now, Lee Suggs is staying with the Cleveland Browns. Suggs failed his physical with the New York Jets, meaning that the trade is off, and Derrick Strait is heading right back to the Jets as well.

"We have a whole series of tests that we do, and we were very thorough with the process," Jets coach Eric Mangini said. "He just didn't pass those tests. ... Each team has a criteria they set up that they believe is what's important and what's needed to be competitive. I'm very comfortable with the tests we have set up."

It was not declared what part of the physical Suggs failed. There were rumors that the Browns may ship William Green to the Jets for Strait now, but those rumors have not been verified by any source. Browns general manager had this to say, from the Orange and Brown report:

"The parameters of the trade between the Jets and the Browns were that each player had to pass a physical. Both players have had injuries during their careers and unfortunately it didn't work out. This spring Lee Suggs has participated in every mini-camp practice and all of our OTA's. He has also participated in every practice during training camp and played in our first preseason game at Philadelphia last week (Aug. 10). Medical opinions can vary from team to team, and obviously this is one team's opinion. We anticipate Lee Suggs returning to the Browns and working hard in practice and preparing for the season to the best of his ability, just as he has shown throughout his career with the Browns."
We'll have updates as soon as they are available.