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Training Camp Report: Day 8 - Zebras Present

The Browns were able to get their morning practice in with a little more wind than yesterday, meaning it felt a little bit cooler. However, the temperatures were still almost unbearable. Today, we have some more training camp notes, starting with the morning session:


  1. Wow, FRISMAN!: We've been waiting to hear something about Frisman Jackson all camp, and for the first time, we've heard something! According to Tony Grossi, Jackson has been catching the football better than he has the past couple of years. We are definitely keeping Braylon Edwards, Joe Jurevicius, Dennis Northcutt, Josh Cribbs, and Travis Wilson. Do we have any room for Frisman? If we do, that means Cribbs will probably be exclusively a kick returner again.
  2. Defensive Notes: Linebacker Leon Williams took most of the snaps with the first team today, while D'Qwell Jackson spent his time with the third team. Williams has been very impressive in camp. Veteran Orpheous Roye was trying to teach the youngsters proper technique. Ted Washington and Willie McGinest continue to have outstanding work ethics as defensive players, and are people the young players can look up to besides Roye. Sean Jones played with the first team defense again.
  3. QB Backups: I'm actually getting sick of reporting this: Ken Dorsey continues to not impress anyone. What makes things worse is that the next best guy, Derek Anderson, can't hold onto the football well enough to be a backup.
  4. Jurevicius Rolling: After some back spasms, Joe Jurevicius was back to his normal routine, catching almost anything that came his way. On the other hand, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow mostly stood around and watched this morning. I see no problem in that, why risk more than what's necessary?
  5. Shotgun Formation: All four of our centers, including Bob Hallen, seemed to execute better shotgun snaps than Jeff Faine ever did. Man, was Faine a bust or what?
  6. Punt Returning: Cornerback Antonio Perkins was given a look at returning some punts today. Also, Jerome Harrison was given a chance to return some as well.
  7. Referees: Officials were at today's practice, going over what would be considered penalties and making players aware of some of the rule changes that have been made this season.

I'd like to comment on the picture to the right, which was pointed out by the poster "arand" at the Orange and Brown Report. If you take a look at William Green's feet, tell me if you see something wrong.

Gee, you wonder why Green always gets stopped before he ever has a chance to get started. On another note, the New Orleans Saints traded running back Michael Bennett to the Kansas City Chiefs for a draft pick. The Chiefs apparantly needed a backup running back, so there is one less place for us to possibly trade Green.

We'll have more updates throughout the day.

I also have an article on Pro Football Critics about key offensive players for teams in the AFC.

Photos credited to LeHooper.