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Jets Didn't Want Suggs Due to Barlow?

Today was a slow day for news regarding the Cleveland Browns. No news regarding possible cuts, but there were two interesting stories: The New York Jets acquiring Kevin Barlow from the San Francisco 49ers for a late-round draft pick, and Ryan Tucker returning to the football field for the Browns.

  1. Tucker Returns: Although the Browns weren't in pads today, simply seeing Tucker on the field was a relief to everyone. Kirk Chambers and Nat Dorsey have probably created bigger voids in their attempts to start than are dismal center situation. It makes sense though, because good offensive tackles are very difficult to find, while the center doesn't have to worry about fast rushers blitzing from the outside. Rookie lineman Issac Sowells did not wear a cast today, a sign that he may finally be closer to practicing again.
  2. Cornerbacks: Also, Antonio Perkins was back at full force in practice, so hopefully we'll get to see him play a little more against the Buffalo Bills this week. Gary Baxter was performing some arm exercises and running as well, a sign that he is getting back to game form.
  3. Quarterbacks: Both Charlie Frye and Ken Dorsey threw interceptions today, with Dorsey's coming on a pass that tipped off of Braylon Edwards' hands after a leaping attempt. Frye connected on a deep touchdown pass to Dennis Northcutt again, who dragged his feet for the score. Their chemistry has been great in camp; there's no way we'll be trading Northcutt.
  4. Yawn; Yawn...: As far as the overall practice went, it was very laid back. Practice ended early, players weren't in pads, and the drills were more so practicing minor aspects of the game rather than intense scouting of players. That means that the coaching staff pretty much knows who they'll be cutting already, and are working on perfecting the little things for the players that'll stick around in some form.
The Browns were rumored to be interested in acquiring center Brock Gutierrez from the Detroit Lions. For every player that we trade for though, especially a veteran, that means one more player we'll have to cut from our team. So, if that's the case, which position would we trim down on? Our already-thin offensive line? A linebacker like Mason Unck, who is a special teams contributor? You can't say we should cut Alonzo Ephraim, because he doesn't count towards our roster until after Week 4.