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Browns Trade WR Brewster, Suggs Still on Market?

I've been a little busy the past two days, but I will have a more in-depth type of story tomorrow. Yesterday, as most of you already know, the Browns traded WR Carlton Brewster to the Green Bay Packers for DB Therrian Fontenot. It's hardly a major deal, as both players could easily be cut, with a shot at ending up on the team's practice squad at best. I can't speak 100% about the Packers' receiving core, but from what I know they have, Brewster shouldn't make the final 53.

The same goes for Fontenot and the Browns. He spent most of last season on the Packers' practice squad, and played in one game on special teams. He was a rookie last year, but was not drafted. With Daven Holly, Pete Hunter, and Ralph Brown among others competing for the job, Fontenot doesn't even have a solid chance of making it past the first line of cuts. There's nothing against him, it simply seems like common sense with the limited amount of time he has to steal a spot from someone else.

There's also a possibility that the Browns are still interested in CB Derrick Strait of the New York Jets. I doubt he'll be cut, but if he is, the Browns will be the first team that calls him up. The Browns are still trying to deal RB Lee Suggs elsewhere, but one less team dropped out of the running when the Washington Redskins acquired RB T.J. Duckett from the Atlanta Falcons for WR Ashley Lelie via the Denver Broncos, who received a draft pick. The Indianapolis Colts just lost goal line back James Mungro for the season, but there have not been any rumors yet if they would be interested in replacing him with someone through a trade.