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Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills - Official Game Thread

Game: Cleveland Browns(1-1) vs. Buffalo Bills(0-2)
Where: Ralph Wilson Stadium (Orchard Park, NY)
When: 6:00 PM EST (Browns Pre-game for Cleveland viewers is at 5:00 PM)

Here is tonight's projected lineup for the Browns and Bills (Note: Bills' projected lineup more likely to be inaccurate, since I'm gathering this information myself. Also, bolded names for the Browns indicate a different starter from last week's game against the Lions.):
Cleveland Browns
Buffalo Bills
WR D.Northcutt
LT K.Shaffer
LG J.Andruzzi
C Ro.Tucker
RG C.Coleman
RT K.Chambers
TE K.Winslow
WR J.Jurevicius
QB C.Frye
FB T.Smith
RB R.Droughns
LE O.Roye
NT T.Washington
RE A.McKinley
LOLB M.Stewart
MLB A.Davis
WLB Thompson
ROLB K.Wimbley
LCB L.Bodden
RCB R.Brown
SS S.Jones
FS B.Russell
WR L.Evans
TE K.Everett
LT M.Gandy LG T.Reyes
C M.Fowler
RG C.Villarrial
RT J.Peters
TE R.Royal
WR P.Price
QB J.Losman
RB W.McGahee
LE R.Denney
NT L.Tripplett
UT T.Anderson
RE A.Schobel
WLB A.Crowell
MLB L.FletcherB
SLB W.Hunter
RCB N.Clements
SS D.Whitner
FS R.Baker
Roster Changes:
  • Chaun Thompson: Returning from injury, Thompson will see his first action of the preseason instead of D'Qwell Jackson.
  • Braylon Edwards: He won't start the game, but there's a very good chance that he'll see a play or two simply to get some in-game action before the regular season.
  • Willie McGinest: Like Edwards, McGinest could see some action against the Bills. However, since he's a veteran, he'll be rested if Crennel feels it won't help him really.

What We're Looking For:
  • Quarterbacks: We won't see much of the backup quarterbacks, as Charlie Frye will play a series or two after halftime. We'll be looking for plays to Joe Jurevicius this week, as well as a decline in turnovers when the ball doesn't need to be forced. Derek Anderson should get the first crack at playing once Frye leaves the game.

  • Running Backs: We all know what Reuben Droughns can do, so it's time to make sure Jerome Harrison wasn't a one-trick wonder. Also, between Lee Suggs and William Green, someone needs to emerge as our final running back.

  • Wide Receivers: After getting the wind knocked out of him last week, Josh Cribbs may seem a special play this week - just a hunch. Also, Travis Wilson needs to have a few plays with the first-team offense during multiple receiver sets. Getting the ball to Jurevicius at least twice is a priority, since he's only been thrown to once during the preseason.

  • Tight Ends: We want to see Kellen Winslow break a tackle and pick up ten extra yards.

  • Offensive Line: Although Ryan Tucker is practicing, he will not play. Although Ross Tucker should have most of the time as the starting center, I'd like to see Lennie Friedman see some action as well. Hopefully he'll turn out to be what Bob Hallen was originally intended to be. Also, Kirk Chambers needs to step it up and prove he's a good enough backup for when Ryan Tucker returns.

  • Defensive Linemen: The defensive line unit has been solid so far; nothing special needs to be watched.

  • Linebackers: All eyes will be on Chaun Thompson, especially since there has been speculation of him getting released or traded. I don't think it'll come down to that, because depth is key in the NFL. However, between Thompson and D'Qwell Jackson, the competition is still open.

  • Defensive Backs: With the return of Antonio Perkins, it'll be nice to see him play the cornerback position finally. Ralph Brown, Daven Holly, Pete Hunter, and numerous others are still fighting for that final cornerback job.

Last week, I predicted that the Browns would win 14-12, and we ended up winning 20-16. Last week, the Bengals destroyed the Bills for most of the game, and there's nothing stopping the Browns from doing the same this week. Losman makes too many mistakes, and the Browns will capitalize with a 28-13 victory. That's an extreme prediction, so I'll be eating my words is that doesn't hold true. The Bills also have players we're familiar with: Donte Whitner, Melvin Fowler, Andre Davis, Lee Evans, and Kelly Holcomb. Sorry for the shortened preview, as I was busy earlier today. This is the official gameday thread, so post your game thoughts in this thread.