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Browns Release Ten Players - Make Other Moves

The first batch of cuts came today for the Browns, as ten people said goodbye, two people were placed on the injured reserve, and one was placed on the physically unable to perform lost. The following players were cut today: RB Chris Barclay, P Kyle Basler, DL Ja'Waren Blair, QB Lang Campbell, K Jeff Chandler, OL Atlas Herrion, TE Paul Irons, LB Kenny Kern, WR Brandon Rideau, DB James Thornton. Out of the whole group, Campbell probably had the best chance to actually make our 53-man roster. After strong efforts from Derek Anderson and an average effort from Ken Dorsey, the Browns will probably take a shot at placing Campbell on the practice squad. There weren't any surprise cuts though, and the only people I could see making our practice squad are Barclay and Campbell.

The following players were placed on the injured reserve: DB Jeremy Lesueur and DB Shawn Mayer. It's doubtful that either player is really injured significantly enough to the point they have to miss the entire season. This is simply a way for the Browns to keep them on the team for next year so that nobody takes them this year. The team was fairly high on Mayer, and there were thoughts early on that he could make the team. However, with the emergence of rookie DB Justin Hamilton, that wasn't necessary. DeMario Minter was placed on the physically-unable-to-perform list, meaning he can still return at some point in the season.

There was also speculation that the Browns claimed DT/DE Antwan Lake from the Atlanta Falcons. While we may have claimed him, the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints did as well. The Saints would have a higher priority waiver than us, meaning the Saints are the team that actually has Lake now. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but for those of you wondering, that seems to be the case.

The Browns must release one more player before tomorrow's deadline to meet the league requirements. If we found a way to sign Lake, then it'll have to be two players.

I know it'll be a little late, but tomorrow, there will be a recap of the Browns vs. Bills contest. On Wednesday, I'll scout the Chicago Bears, and on Thursday, I will preview our final preseason game. In the following days, there will be several season previews, including my official seasonal prediction regarding the Browns.