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Browns Bites

The Boss reassured a paranoid city that Charlie is fine, he just took the day off to give him a little rest.  And that thing on his knee is a "sleeve", not a "wrap", as in there is no damage to speak of.


Pissed-off NFL fans can hold back the rant for the next 30 days while Time-Warner Cable and The NFL Network hammer out a deal. The FCC, fearing riots in at 32 least major cities, ordered Time-Warner to continue carrying The NFL Network long enough to beg/borrow/steal the money to meet the 350% fee hike The Network is demanding to continue the contract. Story


Meanwhile, our local NFL broadcast issue shave been solved...WKYC-Channel 3 is the lucky recipient of WOIO-Channel 19's idiocy.  They'll have the coach's weekly fireside chat in addition to the four pre-season games and other various perks just for having some class. Story



"I'll be the best cheerleader in the league....I'll be the best cheerleader the team has because I know we don't have any cheerleaders. I'm not saying I'll wear a skirt, but I'll be there for the guys."

-LeCharles Bentley

...but it would be very funny if you did!