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Training Camp Report: Day 9 - Wilson Shines

On the day before the Browns' Family Fun Night at Cleveland Browns Stadium, several Browns players were limited in today's practice. It was much, much cooler today, but it was still hot for normal standards. Here are today's training camp notes:


  1. Take a Seat: Quarterback Charlie Frye and tight end Kellen Winslow, arguably the Browns' two most important players on offense, did not practice today. It is believed they were held out in preparation for tomorrow's event. Braylon Edwards didn't see a whole lot of action either, as all he did was catch a few balls.
  2. Dorsey Daily: In today's report of how badly Ken Dorsey is doing, he continued the same type of gameplay. Derek Anderson and Darrell Hackney are throwing the ball way better than Dorsey is. If it weren't for Hackney's size, he deserves consideration to be our third-stringer.
  3. Who to Cut?: The Browns will obviously have to cut one of our beloved receivers, but Travis Wilson and Josh Cribbs are doing their best to make sure they aren't casualties. Wilson made an outstanding catch from the forgotten Lang Campbell today after he knocked a possible interception away from cornerback Chris Thompson, and grabbed the ball as he was falling to the ground. Meanwhile, Cribbs kept on finding the football every time the backup quarterbacks threw it towards him.
  4. Positive Line: The backups saw most of the playing time on the offensive line today, but while he was in there, Bob Hallen held his own against Ted Washington. Also, Kevin Shaffer looked solid in the plays he participated in. The real test will be if these guys jump on supposed false starts when it counts.
  5. Tough Runners: Although we have been a little down on William Green in camp so far, he actually isn't doing that bad of a job. Green did fine today, but so did Lee Suggs and Jerome Harrison. Speaking of backs, Terrelle Smith and Lawrence Vickers will definitely be our top two fullbacks. What if Vickers is so impressive in the preseason, that he emerges as a third-down, change-of-pace running back instead? Remember, Reuben Droughns was a fullback when he entered the league.
  6. Hunter Moves Up: Unfortunately, cornerback Antonio Perkins pulled his hamstring after an impressive camp, and is done for the year. Just kidding - hope I gave someone a scare. He did pull his hamstring though, and Pete Hunter is currently in the running for our third cornerback spot. Wow, did our depth at this position turn sour in a hurry or what?
  7. Officials Back: Once again, the zebras were in attendance, throwing penalty flags during false starts and offsides movements.
  8. Jones Excused: Safety Sean Jones will not be on display at the Fun Night tomorrow. He is being excused for personal reasons.
Tomorrow is the fun night, although since it's at night, the report may not be in until the following morning. Either way, a lot of you will probably be in attendance, and able to see things for yourselves. If you do attend, feel free to post what you saw right here on Dawgs By Nature by making a diary post to the right of your screen.