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Browns' Roster Down to 75 Men

This morning, the Cleveland Plain Dealer confirmed that the Browns still have offensive linemen Lennie Friedman. The trade is not voided either; the Bears will still get their draft pick if he makes the final roster.

The Browns and Lennie Friedman agreed to a restructuring of the newly acquired center's contract late Monday. The restructuring, which includes a "split" clause that would guarantee Friedman only one-half of his scheduled base salary in the event of a season-ending injury, required the Browns to first release Friedman and then re-sign him. This clerical step prompted one national media outlet to report the Browns had voided the trade with the Chicago Bears, but that was not so.
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

So, by keeping Friedman, that means the Browns were still at 76 men counting towards our roster. The final cut became offensive lineman Walter Stith, who may be another player with a shot at making our practice squad.