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Girls' Picks

I first posted on this idea during the off-season because I thought it was completely ridiculous, but The Boss wasn't ruling it out, so I had to roll with it.

Dilfer was traded to the 49ers on May 4 for Dorsey and a seventh-round draft choice. At that time, Crennel said Testaverde "is in the back of my mind."
If the Browns do go after Testaverde it would be more toward the end of camp. Crennel is not concerned with Testaverde learning the system because it is the same one he used with the Jets.
"He could come in on Friday and be ready to go on Sunday," Crennel said.

The goal was to make Ken Dorsey the equivalent to what other teams would call a "veteran back-up".  Obviously, he's not, and obviously, we need someone else.

Is Vinny the answer?  If not Vinny, than who? By the way, finally put our pre-season on the front page:


Okay guys, I drafted a fantasy team for the second time ever.  Let me know what you think of it:

First pick was Carson Palmer.  There's no reason not to expect a full recovery this season, which means I should get a lot of points this year in the air.

Second pick was Brian Westbrook.  He was phenomenal for me last year and saved my ass several times by putting up some big numbers.  Philly's receiver-set is nil to speak of, so I expect Donovan will be handing BW the ball quite a bit this year, thus racking up points in my favour.

Speaking of receiver-sets, I think they will be my best acquisition EVER.  I got Joey Galloway, Marvin Harrison, and Terry Glenn.  My starting TE is Dallas Clark.

Ooooohhh Indy's D, too.  

Heh, I think I'm gonna beat the pants off these guys.   ;)