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Training Camp Report: Day 13 - More Injuries

It's not a good day of training camp when our first two notes relate to key injuries with the Browns.


  1. Hallen Out: Starting center Bob Hallen did not participate in the afternoon session of today's camp due to a "back issue". I know that doesn't sound too serious, but I'm a little nervous since no one has really come out and said "Oh, don't worry, he's fine!" To make things worse, our new center until Hallen is able to come back is Alonzo Ephraim, a guy who hasn't even been with the team for more than a week. Yikes. Losing Bentley was salvagable with Hallen, but I don't know about this.
  2. Baxter's Knee: Cornerback Gary Baxter supposedly "tweaked" his left knee during the morning session of practice. He rode an exercise bike during the afternoon session, but did not practice. However, unlike Hallen, Baxter claims that he is "fine".
  3. Rookie LB: It's official: D'Qwell Jackson will start this Thursday's preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles due to an injury to Chaun Thompson.
  4. Warm Welcome: New cornerback Ralph Brown had a chance to shine today, breaking up two passes, including one from quarterback Charlie Frye.
  5. Special Teams: Do you ever wonder if teams actually practice "mistake" plays? Today, the Browns had Ryan Pontbriand snap the ball over the head of punter Dave Zastudil for a safety. Zastudil had to make sure he took a safety correctly too, and ran some time off the clock at the same time.
  6. Dorsey Daily: The backup quarterbacks struggled in 6-on-8 drills today. As far as the quarterback competition goes for our backup, we can probably sign some free agent and get better production.
The Browns will hold one more training camp session on Tuesday before their game against the Eagles on Thursday. Camp will not be open on Wednesday, meaning the next training camp session after tomorrow will be this Saturday.