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Recap of Browns vs. Bears - Don't Read Into It

  1 2 3 4 Final
Chicago Bears 10 0 3 7 20
Cleveland Browns 0 7 0 0 7
So, the Browns looked pretty pathetic against the Bears last night, didn't they? Does it matter? Nope, not at all. Some people are reading too much into the final preseason game, especially the two series that Charlie Frye played in. If Frye was able to put together two solid drives together to begin a game against the Bears during the regular season, then we would be on cloud nine. If you remember, both of the games we lost in the preseason were the ones were the starters saw the least amount of time. Those were also the games that fans thought "we were in trouble". I don't know how much this has to be stressed each and every single year: do not read into preseason games too heavily. Right now, I want you to take a look at the season standings for the preseason. Now, erase all of those standings from your memory, because they don't mean or indicate a damn thing heading into Week 1. Since the starters played so little yesterday, it's unfair to grade the units together. Instead, I'll comment on specific individual players.
  1. Derek Anderson: So, did he prove to be our backup quarterback heading into the season? Assuming we don't make a trade, I'd rather take him than Dorsey. I'm sure he would get eaten up by first-string defenses, but at least he has shown the potential to throw the ball well over the middle of the field.
  2. Jason Wright: I have nothing against Wright, but I'm not particularly fond of him either. It's more so due to the fact that I'd rather see Lee Suggs on the roster, but he'll probably end up getting cut tomorrow. If Wright doesn't get the final running back job, then William Green probably will.
  3. Frisman Jackson: He was basically the only veteran receiver seeing extensive action last night, but after a performance like that, you hope that the Browns can find a spot for him on the team.
  4. Kendrick Mosley: The shiftiness of Mosley is impressive. He has been catching every ball thrown his way during the preseaon, and I would absolutely love for him to clear waivers and make our practice squad. I doubt he'll make our final roster though, since Jackson would make it before Mosley due to veteranship.
  5. Chaun Thompson: He stood out against the backups, and that's a positive sign. If he's playing against weaker competition, he needs to show off. His confidence is now up after making a couple of solid plays, and I would like to see him rotate with D'Qwell Jackson against the Saints.
  6. Daven Holley: It's a shame he got hurt. I wanted him to get a shot at starting, and he did. He was one of the few cornerbacks that didn't get completely burned when the opposition went deep.
  7. Andrew Pace: He was the other standout defensive player in the final quarter besides Thompson. He'll definitely be cut, but he made his case towards possibly being a defensive back to be placed on the practice squad.
  8. Kamerion Wimbley: After the preseason, Wimbley is without question a top defensive-rookie-of-the-year candidate.
Tomorrow, the Browns, as well as the rest of the teams in the league, will have to name their final 53-man rosters. Teams may also declare their eight-man practice squads, but don't expect the Browns squad to be filled right away. They will investigate the hundreds of players around the league that are cut and see if someone they were interested in was cut loose. If any surprise cuts are made, it may even force us to cut someone else from our 53-man roster and add them to that instead. Dawgs By Nature will keep you posted of all of the cuts by the Browns tomorrow, as well as analysis on what players we've chosen to enter the season with. We'll also look around the league for any former Browns that were cut by other teams. Next week, you won't want to miss our official season preview for the Browns, where I will have position-by-position projection grades as well as where I believe we'll finish in the AFC North.