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Droughns Wants the Football

In today's Cleveland Plain Dealer, you'll find an article on Reuben Droughns discussing the lack of a running game this past week against the New Orleans Saints. As expected, he wants the team to make up for it big time against the Cincinnati Bengals this week.
"If it's third-and-1 in Cincinnati," someone began to ask.

"I would love to be in," Droughns interjected. "I would love to be in. But you never know. Coaches have different ideas."

That's exactly right. Why in the world would the Browns remove Droughns on a third-and-one situation last week? Forget the fact that Jerome Harrison should have been in before Lawrence Vickers on the pitch plays; Droughns should have been in the game regardless. The purpose of a third-down back is to come in during a third-and-seven type of situation. Since Harrison is a better pass rusher and threat in the draw play, that's where he would be suited best.

Running the football has to be the goal this week against the Bengals. Last year, we didn't win games by lighting it up through the air. Although we have more weapons in our aerial attack this year, Droughns is the bread and butter of our offense. The playaction that Charlie Frye can perform so effectively will not fool anyone if it's not set up by the ground game.

Last year, Droughns ran the ball 21 times for 74 yards for a 3.5 average in our final game against the Bengals. Larry Johnson ran the ball 17 times for 68 yards and a 4.0 average last week, which is impressive against a guy many projected as the best running back in the league. However, even if Droughns only has a 3.5 average, it'll be more effective than what we saw last week if he is moving the chains.

In transaction news, the Browns waived Kendrick Mosley from the practice squad and replaced him with Jovan Haye. Also, Daylon McCutcheon is doubtful to play this week.

Now, before I end, I have a question for you guys: Would you rather have the Dawgs By Nature game-day preview posted on Saturday, the day before the game, or Sunday morning, including it as the official game-day thread?