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Regular Season Game 2 - Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

After a disappointing effort last week, the Browns will look to upset the Cincinnati Bengals on the road this week. The key is simple: adjustments in playcalling. We don't want to see a fullback pitch on third-and-one. We want to see Frye's mobility involved, screen plays, draw plays, and Reuben Droughns getting his touches. Let's get right to the positional rankings.
- Quarterback
There's really no question with this comparison, considering Palmer is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Against the Browns, expect Palmer to try and get the ball to Chad Johnson often, despite the lack of success he's had against Leigh Bodden. With T.J. Houshmandzadeh out, Palmer will also look to get the ball to Chris Henry or Kelly Washington in the slot, which will be the favorable matchup against Ralph Brown. Frye will have some room to throw against the Bengals secondary, but the problem is that they will create a lot of turnovers.
- Running Back
Rudi Johnson has had too many successful game against the Browns in the past, and after how porous our run defense looked last week, he has the clear advantage. Reuben Droughns will get more carries this week, and Jerome Harrison will be more involved in specialty plays. Johnson will have more holes to run through via the Bengals offensive line than Droughns will for the Browns.
- Receiver
The Browns are without Joe Jurevicius, but the Bengals will likely be without Houshmandzadeh. When you compare the rest of the positions, Kellen Winslow is the difference maker for the Browns. The Bengals do not have a pass-catching tight end, while Leigh Bodden has had success against the Bengals' best weapon, Chad Johnson. Gary Baxter will add the secondary depth we didn't have against the Bengals last year, while Braylon Edwards' matchup against the Bengals' secondary compares to Johnson of the Bengals.
- Offensive Line
The Bengals will be without Levi Jones, their left tackle, during this game. That is definitely good news for the Browns, but our line did not look very good last week. The penalties, lack of a run game, poor pass protection, and lack of chemistry cannot make a 360 degree turnaround in one week.
- Defensive Line
Like last week, this could go either way. The Bengals have some solid players, but they are still vulnerable against the run. However, although Ted Washington was adequate last week, anytime he was brought out, the Saints were penetrating for five yards before the first contact was even made. The Browns' line will have a tough time sacking Palmer.
- Linebacker
The Bengals' linebackers are notorious for creating turnovers and will try to brake through the Browns' offensive line with special blitz packages. The Browns linebackers were supposed to be the most improved position on our team, but that wasn't the case last week, as Drew Brees was not even pressured. Our advantage this week comes due to Levi Jones being out, possible giving Kamerion Wimbley an edge with pass rushing.
- Secondary
Besides the slot position, the Browns' secondary is underrated. It's not often that Gary Baxter or Leigh Bodden will be burned, and both of our safeties were responsible for our turnovers last week. The Bengals give up plenty of yardage, but if you're careful, the cornerbacks will intercept passes left and right.
- Special Teams
This was out strongest point last week, with Dennis Northcutt and Joshua Cribbs doing well in the return game. Our kick coverage was great as well, as Phil Dawson's kickoffs went for touchbacks several times as well. The Bengals' Shanye Graham is fair in the kicking game, and will make the kicks he needs against the Browns.
FINAL PREDICTION: Cincinnati Bengals 27, Cleveland Browns 20.
The Bengals will control the tempo of the game, but the Browns offense will be much improved from last week. Expect better playcalling offensively, but the defense will have trouble against Rudi Johnson and the slot receiver. I apologize for the shortened game-day preview, as I was busy earlier today.

This is the official gameday thread for today's game. Any comments you would like to make before, during, or after the game should be placed into this thread. Enjoy the game, and GO BROWNS!