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Official "Cut" Day Thread in the NFL

For updated cuts from all NFL teams, visit Pro Football Critics.

BREAKING NEWS(2:50 PM EST): Now we know why we released Ross Tucker. We don't need him. The Browns traded an undisclosed 2008 draft pick for Philadelphia Eagles center Hank Fraley. Depending on the deal, this is an outstanding deal. Yes, Fraley is getting older, but he has tons of veteran experience and is even better than Bob Hallen would've been. And, while it officially has not been confirmed yet that we definitely have Fraley, if we did get him, it is likely that Rob Smith will be waived to make room for him. BREAKING NEWS(2:40 PM EST): The Browns have named their cuts, and yes, there were surprises indeed. The following players were cut or waived, along with a comment I'll be adding for each of them.
  1. QB Darrell Hackney: No real surprise here, and I don't think he'll make the practice squad over Lang Campbell.
  2. RB Lee Suggs: Well, it's definitely a shame to see him go. Another team will scoop Suggs right up, and he'll have a decent shot at being a backup elsewhere. I wish things could've worked out better for him.
  3. FB Corey McIntyre: It was doubtful that we'd keep three fullbacks.
  4. WR Frisman Jackson: It's a shame that he never really shined during his five years with the Browns. Like Suggs, I hope he finds success elsewhere.
  5. WR Kendrick Mosley: With Jackson gone, the Browns only have one receiver in mind to go on the practice squad, and that's Mosley.
  6. TE John Owens: He should be happy that he stuck around longer than Irons did.
  7. C Ross Tucker: Wow, talk about a surprise. The only thing I can think of is that we'll be bringing in a veteran center that has been cut. I thought Tucker did very well in the preseason, but then again, it's not like he's a superstar or anything.
  8. OL Dave Yovanovits: He had the versatility, but this isn't too big of a surprise.
  9. OT Jonathan Dunn: He was a seventh-rounder that never panned out; no love loss here.
  10. OG Andrew Hoffman: He made the change from defense to offense, and the Browns may want to try him out on the practice squad still.
  11. DE Darrell Campbell: See you later.
  12. NT Babatunde Oshinowo: This was something that I didn't expect, but I knew I wouldn't be surprised about either. We're taking the risk that someone else will claim him, but if they don't, he'll make our practice squad without question.
  13. LB Justin Kurpeikis: In a strong group of linebackers, he wasn't able to shine like he did last year.
  14. LB Nick Speegle: Our beloved special teams player is gone. Again, not a surprise due to our surplus of linebackers.
  15. CB Pete Hunter: I thought he had a fair shot at making it, but it looks like Ralph Brown will get the shot instead.
  16. CB Jereme Perry: He is a strong candidate for the practice squad as well.
  17. CB Therrian Fontenot: After acquiring him for Carlton Brewster, it was if we hardly knew him.
  18. S Andrew Pace: His final game could find him a spot on the practice squad due to our injury problems in the secondary.
Now, in possibly another stunning move, the Browns placed RB William Green on the injured reserve list. That means that Jason Wright has made the team as our third running back on the depth chart. CB Daven Holly is suspended for the first week of the season for violating the league's personal conduct policy (what?), and C Alonzo Ephraim is suspended until Week 4. After their suspensions, we'll have to decide whether or not we'll keep them on our roster. Also, LB Clifton Smith was waived-injured. We'll have more updates as they come along. This is the official "cut-day" thread, where we'll have all updates regarding any shocking cuts around the league, and of course, the final roster for the Cleveland Browns. Before the cuts were made, here is my final roster projection: Pokorny's Final 53-Man Roster Projection.

On my roster projection, I only made a few minor changes from last time. I added Lennie Friedman to the final roster, replacing Dave Yovanivits. Instead of Lee Suggs making the team, I slipped William Green in his place. I also placed Daven Holley on the injured reserve, and added Pete Hunter back to the final roster. Finally, I placed Rob Smith on the practice squad instead of Walter Stith. is doing a great job at listing breaking cuts from around the league, which you can find by going here. Here is a list of some surprise or veteran cuts around the league in my opinion. If I feel the Browns should try and acquire them, I will highlight their name in orange:

Surprise/Veteran Cuts
RB Antowain Smith(Texans), CB Eric Warfield(Patriots) QB Omar Jacobs(Steelers), TE Zach Hilton(Saints), QB Dave Ragone(Rams), RB Moe Williams(Rams), WR Charles Rogers, WR Jerome Pathon(Falcons), OL OL Chris Liewienski(Vikings), OT OT Seth Wand(Texans), RB RB Artose Pinner, RB Najeh Davenport, WR Rod Gardner...refresh thoughout the day...