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Browns' Injury Report Heading Into Tomorrow

Heading into tomorrow's game against the Baltimore Ravens, things do not look good on the injury front. Here are some updates regarding our players:

  • Orpheus Roye: Although he wanted to play badly, he is out with a rotator cuff injury. He started all 16 games last year, but was on the injury report just about every week due to knee problems. Expect Simon Fraser or Ethan Kelley to get the start in place of him, but either way, both men should see a fair amount of playing time in Roye's absence. Missing Roye will be bad for our defensive line, which hasn't been able to stop opposing running backs very well. We all know what Jamal Lewis has done against us in the past.
  • Gary Baxter: Baxter will not play in all likelihood. At the moment, it looks like Ralph Brown will get the start in place of him, but there is a shot that Daven Holley will start instead. Where is Antonio Perkins? Still injured? You guys should already know my hatred for Brown, so I hope Holley starts. If Brown is in the slot, at least the Ravens won't throw the deep ball against him; he'll only get beat on every underneath route.
  • Willie McGinest: He didn't play last week due to a calf injury, but he's feeling better this week. He has been limited in practice still, and will be a game-time decision.
  • Reuben Droughns: Despite having a shoulder injury, Droughns will play through it this week against the Ravens. I would expect to see some more of Jason Wright or Jerome Harrison this week, not only due to Droughns' injury, but because things need to be mixed up more.
  • Joe Jurevicius: He is doubtful with his rib injury still, but he did participate in some drills all week. At the moment, it's tough to tell whether or not he'll be able to go or not.
In other news, Braylon Edwards wants to get his head in the game this week by catching the ball before thinking about what he'll do afterwards. It's about time too, because there's nothing more frustrating than seeing yet another Browns' first-round draft pick struggle. And, Brian Russell has earned the respect of Bengals' receiver Chad Johnson in a way.
"I mean, it's the first time I've been hit in six years of playing the game," Johnson said. "It's about time someone's gotten a lick."

Johnson said he's a target because of his trash-talking.

"I've always been able to avoid everything coming my way," he said. "I left myself vulnerable by jumping in the air, which is the only reason he was able to get that clean shot."

At least something positive can be taken out of last week's game. Tomorrow, I'll have Dawgs By Nature's game-day preview, where I'll analyze the Ravens vs. Browns game position-by-position. You may be interested to see who I pick to win the game, considering how both teams have played this year.