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Browns Receive Good News on the Injury Front

The Browns battle the Raiders tomorrow, and the positive news is flowing in regarding the Browns getting healthy. The only one who will remain out is Gary Baxter, who will be continuing his injury history with the Browns. Here is a report on the injured players:

  1. Gary Baxter: His arm still feels weak, meaning he will not play this week at all. Ideally, Baxter wants to return when he is 100% healthy, which would probably be after the bye week. That would give him two additional weeks to rest, but we need him next week against the Carolina Panthers, or things could get ugly. Even Leigh Bodden should have trouble covering Steve Smith, let alone trusting a Daven Holley or Ralph Brown to cover Keyshawn Johnson.
  2. Leigh Bodden: He's having elbow issues right now, but he's not even listed on the injury report. Bodden will definitely play this Sunday, and will be in charge of covering Randy Moss. That sounds tough, but Moss hasn't been the same since coming to Oakland.
  3. Justin Hamilton: He has an ankle injury and was added to the injury report Friday. He has been limited in practice, so it's questionable of whether or not he'll be able to play.
  4. Joe Jurevicius: Unless I'm mistaken, he should be ready to play this week. Our receivers blossomed last week, so hopefully Charlie Frye can show some chemistry with the veteran receiver, perhaps near the goal line. Jurevicius had ten touchdowns last season.
  5. Reuben Droughns: The running back will start this week, hoping to defeat a team he's had plenty of experience against from his days with the Denver Broncos.
  6. Defensive Ends: Simon Fraser was outstanding last week in place of Orpheus Roye, and both players will be healthy and ready to play this Sunday.
  7. Questionables: Both Willie McGinest and Kellen Winslow Jr. are listed as questionable, but I would expect both of them to play this week. The only players that are "out" should be Baxter and possibly Hamilton.
For the first time this season, people are picking the Browns to win a game more so than the opposing team. Actually, we were expected to beat the New Orleans Saints somewhat, but that already seems like an eternity ago. Hopefully the game against the Raiders will be a sign of things to come, assuming we win. It's never too late - remember the hot streak the Miami Dolphins went on to end last season? The Browns have a chance to create the same type of run, but first we need to get the first win under our belts. Our full game-day preview will be online tomorrow morning, so stay tuned to Dawgs By Nature!

One final note you may have forgotten about: after this week, the Browns will have to make a decision on whether or not to keep offensive lineman Alonzo Ephraim.