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Minor Updates - Touching Base

I haven't posted anything the past two days, in preperation for my seasonal previews. I haven't decided whether or not I'll post my gameday preview against the Saints first, or the general season projection. Either way, one of them will be posted on Friday, while the other one will be posted on Saturday.

If you hadn't notice, ClevelandBrowns.Com got a new web layout, as well as new forums. Unfortunately, by ridding of the old version of the forums, they've taken away what many Browns fans were so used to, including the color scheme, tag names, post counts, etc. I'm sure people won't mind once they begin talking football, but if they were going to do something major like that, it doesn't seem like the best decision to do so the week of the first Browns game.

Remember everyone, tomorrow is the first game of the NFL season between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have my prediction online over at PFCritics, so head over there and take a look. Lee Suggs should be playing in the game, and I wish him the best of luck against the "Squeelers".