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Colts Eliminate the Ratbirds, Savage News

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Here is an interesting little blurb from The Tennessean, regarding Browns general manager Phil Savage:

"Finding a GM: The Titans spent the week discussing candidates to replace Floyd Reese, who resigned as general manager last week, and interviews are expected to begin soon.

The list is expected to include Packers Director of Pro Personnel Reggie McKenzie and Seahawks Vice President Mike Reinfeld, a former Houston Oiler, among others. Randy Mueller, whose future as GM of the Dolphins is uncertain, is also on the radar. So is Browns GM Phil Savage, but his contract situation with Cleveland might put him out of reach."
- Jim Wyatt, The Tennessean

I wouldn't read a whole lot into it, but the Titans' general manager job should be enticing for a lot of people. They have a very nice team in the making there, and I can only wish that the Browns would be able to build a team like they did and turn things around in just one year.

Now, on to some news that should come with joy to all fans of Cleveland. The Baltimore Ravens were defeated, one and done, in the Divisional Round of the playoffs today against the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens' defense showed up for nearly the entire game, except for the final seven minutes. When it came down to crunch time, the Colts were able to kick it into another gear and run the clock down before kicking a game-clinching field goal. Ah, it's things like this that can make you forget about the struggles of the Browns, and instead bask in the misery of the Ratbirds.

Now, I will leave you off with a picture from the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints game. The cameraman had this young lady on the screen for at least four seconds: