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Is "Change" a Good Thing?

Is "change" for the better? I'm not talking about the Cleveland Browns specifically, but I am talking about something related to the Browns: fan-based message boards. For about the past three seasons prior to the one that just took place, I would always go to Dawg Talk, the "official" message board of the Cleveland Browns. I never made myself known as a poster there, as I usually preferred to read and soak in what everyone had to say. However, I was extremely disappointed when they changed format right before the 2006-2007 season, and ruined the legacy that only Dawg Talk could provide. I went to the "new" official forums a few times at first, but they loaded slow, too up too much space, and didn't feel like the same, user-friendly boards I was used to. A few of the "classic" posters made their own look-alike board located at Dawg Talkers, which I periodically visit now.

Right after the original Dawg Talk was destroyed, I decided to head over to the Orange and Brown Report, specifically its Watercooler forum. That became my message board home for the Browns this season, because it was easily accessible, laid back, and rumor oriented. Sure, half of the rumors never came true, but I felt that some of the users were able to link me to content that I would have never have even seen on Dawg Talk. Something inside of me even felt that the Watercooler might even become a suitable replacement for Dawg Talk. But then, as has been announced over the past several weeks, the OBR forums will change over to a new style beginning tomorrow. I, along with many other users, are not to thrilled with the move at the moment. However, with this change, maybe things will be at least a little more reasonable due to the overwhelming feedback that Barry McBride (basically, the head honcho for the OBR) always provides from the site. Maybe the changes, if implemented correctly, will lead to bright and new beginnings.

Change can work over a short period of time. Unless of course, you're the Cleveland Browns.