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Browns' Scout Talks With Troy Smith

Could this be a sign of things to come? You're not looking at just any person talking with quarterback Troy Smith at the Senior Bowl, you're looking at a Cleveland Browns scout talking with him. This photograph came in today's blog of updates by Scott Wright from Here is the excerpt related to Smith and the Browns:

"I will have another update in a little bit but for the time being here's a little something to get those Cleveland fans salivating: After practice a Browns scout pulled Troy Smith to the side and talked with him extensively." (See picture to left)
Although this was noted by such a popular draft website, do not forget the fact that anything Smith does that is related to the Browns will probably be over-exaggerated by the media. Smith is probably the third or fourth best quarterback in the draft, so logically, teams are going to talk with him. However, since Phil Savage already motioned to the hype his first season with the Browns and took Charlie Frye in the third round, you never know if the same could be in store for Smith. What I do know is that it only took one game for Smith's value among Browns fans to plummet from "OMG WE WANT HIM" to "Well, maybe we could take a shot in the third round."

In Mel Kiper's latest mock draft (insiders only), he has the Browns taking quarterback Brady Quinn with the fourth overall pick in the draft. He has JaMarcus Russell going first to the Oakland Raiders, Joe Thomas going second to the Detroit Lions, and Calvin Johnson going third to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most of you know that I really want Thomas, but if he is already off the board, I still think I may actually pass on Quinn for Adrian Peterson. Maybe I'm just so skeptical on a quarterback actually working out properly for our organization these days.

Two more news updates hit the news wire today, regarding people that used to be with the Browns. Offensive tackle Kirk Chambers is back in the NFL after not playing all of this season since being released by Cleveland in September. He signed a deal with the Buffalo Bills today after playing in 21 games during his two-year stay with us. With how things go for the Browns, I expect a Bills lineman to go down with an injury next season, allowing Chambers to fill in brilliantly and become a major reason why they secure a playoff berth.

And, the final update involves wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie, who was hired by the Miami Dolphins to fill the same respective position. There was a time that I praised Robiskie, but with how many drops our receivers have had over the past few years (Quincy Morgan, Dennis Northcutt, Braylon Edwards), I'm looking forward to moving on.