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Browns Hire Anthony Lynn as RB Coach

The Browns hired another new staff member today, this time being running backs coach Anthony Lynn. Lynn spent the 2006 campaign with the Dallas Cowboys, and was with them for two seasons. Prior to that, he had coached with the Denver Broncos from 2000-2002, and then with the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2003-2004. Lynn was a fullback during his career as a player for the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers. He last played in 1999. On another coaching note, the Browns hired tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts on Tuesday. Roberts, who will be replacing Ben Coates, has been with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the past four seasons. I knew that Roberts was hired on Wednesday, I guess it just got lost in the shuffle when I made my post on Thursday.

Now, with the 2007 NFL Draft coming up in April, it's a good time to scrutinize every little comment that is mentioned regarding the Browns. Here is a question asked to Mel Kiper in one of his question and answer sessions.

Jeff (Cleveland): If Thomas is there at 4, surely the Browns will take him before Quinn...?

Mel Kiper: (1:16 PM ET ) That's a tough call. I would go QB. But I think Thomas will be gone, maybe 2 to Detroit. If Quinn and Thomas are both there, I would go QB though QB is tough to pass up.

Mel Kiper: (1:17 PM ET ) QB is important especially in that division with Carson Palmer and Big Ben.

This morning, the Cleveland Plain Dealer had a nice article on offensive linemen that the Browns may be interested in during the draft. Having Joe Thomas would be great, but if we choose another position in the first round, there will be some adequate people to choose from in the second and third rounds as well. The Browns have already talked with linemen such as Tennessee guard Aaron Sears, Texas guard Justin Blaylock, and Central Michigan tackle Joe Staley. The Browns have done a poor job drafting offensive linemen in the past, mainly because we don't seem to take one until round six (or, if you're Isaac Sowells, you get taken in round four and play less than a sixth rounder would).

Finally, Browns legendary quarterback Bernie Kosar was on the Mike Trivisanno show yesterday, and I believe the interview may be online somewhere over at Kosar discussed the fact that he is behind team owner Randy Lerner, he believes that Bill Belichick has been very fortunate and lucky in having things turn out with guys like some sixth-round quarterback did (Tom Brady), and he believes that Braylon Edwards better straighten up his attitude in year three, or he'll suffer the consequences. Always a fun guy to listen to, isn't it?