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Steve Marshall Hired as Offensive Line Coach

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have hired former Houston Texans assistant Steve Marshall to be our next offensive line coach. Marshall was apparently ready to be the offensive line coach for Nick Saban's Alabama team, but opted to return to the NFL instead.

So, how does Marshall's track record in the NFL sound? Not too good. In 2004, Marshall joined the Texans' staff to try and improve what was already a horrible offensive line. He was fired after the 2005 season after the Texans had allowed a league-high 68 sacks that season. As far as this year goes, he was not even in football. So basically, we chose not to re-sign a guy that anchored the 31st best offensive line in the league (Jeff Davidson) and are replacing him with a guy that anchored the 32nd best offensive line in the league. Sounds like a good fit, doesn't he?

I won't jump the gun completely just yet, though. After all, the Texans had an awful offensive line before Marshall became their coach, and I wouldn't really expect a little bit of coaching to improve a unit drastically. Still, the point here is that Marshall really does not have a lot of experience leading a successful offensive line in the NFL. He is more familiar with coaching college offensive lines, but that's on a completely lower level when compared to the pros.