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Winslow has Surgery, Browns Hire Daisher

Don't panic over Kellen Winslow's arthroscopic knee surgery from yesterday, as it was something he had planned on doing for the whole season. Winslow was released from the hospital yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery, according to the Browns and the Cleveland Clinic.

Winslow needed his knee to be scoped out from the remaining lingering effects of his motorcycle accident back in May of 2005. Despite playing with his knee bothering him all season long, Winslow recorded 89 receptions this year. Maybe, just maybe though, he'll be able to break that one extra tackle next season in the open field that would allow him to put six points on the board.

The Browns also named Ted Daisher as their special teams coordinator on Tuesday. Last year, he was the special teams coordinator for the Oakland Raiders after spending the previous two seasons as the special teams quality control coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski was 72% this season in terms of accuracy, mainly due to being 3-of-7 on 50+ yard attempts. However, punter Shane Lechler averaged 47.5 yards per punt, and returner Chris Carr averaged 25.5 yards per kick return. On a negative note though, the Browns special teams absolutely killed the Raiders this season, almost breaking a kick return from Joshua Cribbs and a punt return from Dennis Northcutt for touchdowns. On those plays, Janikowski and Lechler were the "big guys" who made the touchdowns saving tackles, respectively.