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Browns Say Bye to Terry Robiskie

Nice knowing you, Robiskie.
Let the coaching moves begin. The Browns made their first official coaching decision earlier today when they fired wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie, who had been with the team since 2001. Originally, Robiskie was credited for producing a well-rounded group of receivers in Kevin Johnson, Quincy Morgan, Dennis Northcutt, and Andre Davis. Although none of those men are stars now, for whatever reason, those four guys put a heck of a season together during our playoff season. Robiskie had a short stint as the Browns interim-head coach when Butch Davis resigned two years ago. When Romeo Crennel was brought in, Robiskie was kept on as the receivers coach. Unfortunately, things haven't been so bright for our receivers lately. Dropped passes have really started to pile up on Northcutt and Braylon Edwards, and the route running by our receivers has been less than stellar.

In other coaching-related news, the Browns have requested permission to interview Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and a source with the Dolphins. If the Browns are already looking for someone to take over the position, that likely means that Jeff Davidson will not retain the job. However, due to how much the Browns wanted to keep Davidson last offseason, you'd have to imagine that they would prefer if he stayed on as the team's offensive line coach.

It wasn't too long ago that Garrett, who grew up around Cleveland, played in the NFL. He had been in the league for 12 seasons as a backup quarterback, and last played with the Dolphins in 2004. When Nick Saban joined the Dolphins in 2005, he made Garrett the team's quarterbacks coach.

It's tough to really judge what a guy can do with an offense, especially since the way a team performs reflects a lot on your "supposed" abilities. While Robiskie may have not been at fault for our receivers dropping so many passes, you have to move on if you don't have results. Likewise with Garrett, should he be blamed for Miami's less than stellar offensive season, considering the fact that they had an awkward quarterback situation for most of the season?