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NFL Wildcard Weekend - Part 1

The first round of the playoffs begin today, and although the Cleveland Browns aren't involved, that doesn't mean we won't be watching the games. I know I'll be paying close attention to every single game. Here are some quick previews for today's games, as well as links to the team's blogs on Sports Blogs Nation.

AFC Wildcard Playoff Match

ArrowHead Pride
Stampede Blue

Pokorny's Preview of Game at PFCritics. The Wild Card Weekend will kick off with two high-powered offenses going against each other when the Kansas City Chiefs battle the Indianapolis Colts. The Chiefs were able to just barely squeeze into the playoffs after a ton of things went their way in Week 17, but head coach Herman Edwards believes that his team deserves to be where they are at. Meanwhile, the Colts are disappointed to have to be playing in the first round after falling to the third seed in the AFC late in the season. The Colts began to struggle after teams discovered they could run the football all day long against them. Peyton Manning knows that he must score as much as possible, and Larry Johnson knows that he will have to pound the Chiefs into the next round of the playoffs.

NFC Wildcard Playoff Match

Blogging the Boys
Field Gulls

Pokorny's Preview of Game at PFCritics. Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys will be on the road to take on Shaun Alexander and the Seattle Seahawks in the second game of the Wild Card Playoffs. Although both teams were expected to be elite teams heading into the season, both clubs have experienced some unusual events during their seasons. In Dallas, the Cowboys seemed to make a successful transition from Drew Bledsoe to Tony Romo, while calming Owens in the mean time. Unfortunately, their once-threatening defense has not been playing very well as of late. The Seahawks were in the Super Bowl last season, but have had a rough season. They finished the year as division champions, but only had an 9-7 record. Part of that can be attributed to the injuries to Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander for a good chunk of the season, but overall, they have missed that "it" factor.