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NFL Wildcard Weekend - Part 2

Here are some quick previews for today's games, as well as links to the team's blogs on Sports Blogs Nation.

AFC Wildcard Playoff Match

Pats Pulpit

Pokorny's Preview of Game at PFCritics. Eric Mangini and the New York Jets battle Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. The Patriots have much more veteran experience on their team, but the Jets are looking to be the little team that could. Mangini has gotten his team to play to the best of their ability this season, and although they only defeated one team with a winning record (the Patriots), they took care of business against everyone else. Everyone knows about the coaching rivalry between Mangini and Belichick, but in the end, it'll come down to whether or not the Jets can deliver the same type of effort the last time these two teams met.

NFC Wildcard Playoff Match

Bleeding Green Nation

Pokorny's Preview of Game at PFCritics. The New York Giants will try to regain their composure and realize that this is a whole new season. They should be thankful for being where they are, because they certainly didn't deserve it with the way they played after the half-way point of the season. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles suddenly look like they could very well be the best team in the NFC. No one could have expected that Jeff Garcia would have been able to step in and play as well as he has after the injury to Donovan McNabb. With both teams heading in opposite direction, the Eagles have all the momentum in the world heading into this game.