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Bye Week Features & Team Injuries

Before the season started, I echoed one goal for Romeo Crennel to achieve in order to save his job: win at least two division games or have a 3-3 record before the bye week. Mission accomplished.

Although we don't have a game to prepare for this week, there are a few articles I can start to focus on to make the time pass. This week, you can expect the following features:

  • Review of Dolphins/Browns game
  • Player Power Rankings: Ranking the team's 53-man roster from top to bottom based on production this year.
  • "Then and Now:" Looking through what each position needs to improve upon after the bye week, including theoretical changes that Crennel can make with personnel.
  • Derek Anderson: From being "cut" on my preseason roster projection list to being one of the top statistical quarterbacks in the NFL.
There are a few notes in today's Plain Dealer regarding injured players:
  1. Waiting on Bentley: The team is going to continue to wait on center LeCharles Bentley. They could have activated him since he's eligible to come off the PUP list now, but Crennel and the medical staff are going to re-evaluate him week-by-week still.
  2. Baxter Still Subdued: Defensive back Gary Baxter is still working with the scout team, and is "improving" according to Crennel. However, he will remain in that role until he's ready. It's a shame we've heard the same thing about his status for the entire season it seems.
  3. Lewis to Return: When the Browns play the St. Louis Rams after the bye, Jamal Lewis should definitely be ready to start. My question is this: who gets activated on gameday between Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison?
  4. Brownies: Crennel will look into swapping Sean Jones and Brodney Pool due to Jones' struggles with allowing touchdowns to tight ends. Defensive end Shaun Smith will continue to start until Orpheus Roye is 100% healthy. Kevin Shaffer and Ryan Tucker will probably rotate for the rest of the season.
Go Tribe!