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McMichael's Statement Sounds Moronic

It's foolish when players guarantee wins, especially after they've shown no signs of building towards a winning trend. A few days ago, Rams tight end Randy McMichael had the following to say regarding this weekend's contest with the Browns:

"We have nothing else to say - we are going to win the football game," he said.

That's a bold statement for a guy who is on pace for career lows considering the moderate production he used to have with the Miami Dolphins. This season, McMichael has 17 catches for 209 yards and 1 touchdown. The Browns have been very vulnerable against tight ends though, so let's hope that Sean Jones has improved his technique in single coverage.

In a best case scenario, the Browns won't even have to worry about quarterback Marc Bulger getting many open looks. St. Louis has not scored a touchdown over their past eight quarters, and have turned the ball over 23 times in seven games. That is an average of over three turnovers per game, and things only got worse for them this past Sunday when they were blown out 33-6 by the Seattle Seahawks.

Another thing playing to the Browns advantage is that we will be facing the weakness offensive line in football by far. Rams quarterbacks have been sacked 24 times this season, and the depth has been destroyed on the line due to injuries and scumbags.

The only positive for the Rams? They'll see the return of Steven Jackson this week. If the Browns' linebackers give up over 100 yards to Jackson, it'll be a disgrace -- we should be in the backfield all day against St. Louis. Road games have come tough for the Browns, and for a team that hasn't had confidence all season long, we can't allow the Rams to build any steam out of the gate.