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Dr. Z Ranks Browns No. 13

Soak in all of this positive press while it lasts. After this week's game against the Patriots, chances are that things will die back down for at least a week.

In his latest power rankings, Sports Illustrated's Dr. Z has ranked the Browns 13th in the NFL, up from his ranking of 27th last week.

Frankly I don't know what to do with them. Moving them below the Ravens would be unfair, but fans of the Raiders, who beat them, must be howling right now ... make that howling more than normal, since it's a full moon. A friend of mine who just arrived from Peru, said, "Where is this city called Hapless? I keep reading about the Hapless Browns." Hapless, my friend, is the place where they have no hap. -Dr. Z, on the Browns

I want your guys' opinion for the tone I should set in my writings this week. Should I be a pessimist somewhat and focus on why the Patriots are so good, or should I be an optimist and over-emphasize the possibility of the Browns "stunning" the Patriots?