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Seth McKinney Placed on Injured Reserve

I figured that Seth McKinney would be out a few weeks, but not the rest of the season. The Browns placed McKinney on the injured reserve today due to a left shoulder injury, officially ending his season and possibly putting a "kink" in the armor of an offensive line that has protected Derek Anderson all season long.

Not trading Ryan Tucker or Kevin Shaffer adds to the list of wise decisions made by the Browns' front office this season. Not only is Tucker available to start at guard if needed, but Lennie Friedman could play the position as well. However, I think that whoever wrote this release is either misinformed or knows something that nobody else does:

With McKinney sidelined, Isaac Sowells could move into the starting lineup.

Really? Start Sowells over Tucker or Friedman? After Sowells basically hasn't played for two years except in one game? Fat chance.

Let's hope this doesn't cause any problems against the Steelers' ferocious defense tomorrow. More than anything, the problems I would expect would be pre-snap infractions.