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Browns Garner Increased Respect

Update [2007-11-13 14:21:20 by ChrisPokorny]:

Yahoo Sports: Cole/Robinson - Cole has actually moved the Browns up to spot No. 6! Could we really be one of the top six teams in football? Meanwhile, Robinson moved us down to No. 9, with this to say:
Romeo Crennel's timeout prior to Cleveland's fourth-quarter challenge on Sunday might have been the worst in-game coaching maneuver of the season. But with the way the playoff race is shaping up, he might get a chance to redeem himself against the Steelers in the first round of the AFC playoffs.
While all of the fans in the city of Cleveland are still devastated from another loss to the Steelers (and rightly so), the national media did not frown upon our team's efforts on gameday. In most of the top Power Rankings that were released, the Browns pretty much stayed where they were - around the top ten. After all, with a win over the Baltimore Ravens this week, chances are that we would hold the second wildcard spot in the AFC at the end of Week 11.

Sports Illustrated: Peter King

9. Cleveland (5-4). Showed me as much in defeat as most teams do in wins.

FOX Sports: Peter Schrager

10. The Browns fell to the Steelers for the ninth consecutive time on Sunday, but it wasn't without a fight. Cleveland led the division leaders for much of the game, giving the Steelers a legitimate test on the road in the 31-28 loss. Like Ben Roethlisberger, Cleveland return man Josh Cribbs was once a star college quarterback in the MAC. Also like Roethlisberger, Cribbs had a fantastic day on Sunday, returning four kicks for 204 yards, and taking one kickoff back 100 yards for a score. Derek Anderson, Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards are all probably going to make the Pro Bowl this season. You can likely add Cribbs to that list, too. Sunday's loss was tough, but in no way a season-ender for the Browns.
I will update this post later on with the rankings from Yahoo Sports and ESPN. BTW, for anyone looking for a quick fantasy tip: get Seahawks receiver D.J. Hackett on your team if you're thin at the position.