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Vikings' Interest Peaking With Anderson

It would make sense that the Minnesota Vikings would be in search of a quarterback in the offseason. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Roto World, the Minnesota Vikings may be one of those teams interested in acquiring a quarterback -- Derek Anderson in particular.

The Vikings are rumored to have impending restricted free agent Derek Anderson "No. 1 on their list," according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Interestingly, Anderson and last year's most prized restricted free agent QB, Matt Schaub, have the same agent. Unless someone blows them away with a trade offer, however, the Browns seem more likely to hang onto Anderson for at least one more season. It isn't like Brady Quinn's five-year, $9.2 million deal is too hefty for a backup quarterback.

I still agree that this situation shouldn't be seriously evaluated until after the season is over (or after we're eliminated from playoff contention), but the initial possibilities regarding a trade to Minnesota are intriguing. The Vikings could end up with a top ten draft pick, and they are filled with a couple of the league's better defensive linemen that would call for a nice package deal.